Thursday, June 08, 2006

If you're gonna hit it, hit it quick!

Good day to you all, dear readers. I have a few small items on which I would like to discourse, so I beg your indulgence in these, my few paltry words. In other words, tie on yer readin' hat and grab yer ass for some Quick Hits!

  • My plan for my impending smoke stoppage has finally been put into action. Monday was the first day of Phase I, which involves no more smoking during work hours (so basically, no smoking prior to 5:30 PM). Phase II begins June 19, when I will limit myself to 10 smokes/day, and decline by 2 per week, which has me to zero by July 24, my intended first full day of no smoking. I'm sure you all find this infinitely interesting. [/snark]
  • In TV news, Everwood ended its four year run this past Monday. Most people who know me know I'm an unabashed WB fan. More of the shows I watch with any regularity are on that channel than on any other. I'm intrigued and a little excited by the merging of the WB and UPN into the CW, but some of the renew/cancel decisions boggle the mind. 7th Heaven is back? Really? That show sucks big old donkey balls. You may be thinking that statement is a bit graphic and over the top, but watch the show. You'll see. Everwood was notable in that it was a family centric show, but it dealt with life in a MUCH more realistic manner. Dr. Abbott performed abortions to live up to a promise he made to his father, and because he felt that women deserved the choice, but he hated himself for it. You don't see that kind of complex life situation every day, and certainly not on 7th Heaven. So boo to you, CW, for killing the one family show that made people think.
  • Looking for something to fill a few minutes of down time? Then you should definitely check out Silent Library. This show is in the fine tradition of all Japanese game shows (that I've seen), in that it involves a bizzare premise and, at times, over the top punishments for losers. It's really a quite simple concept. Six players read a chart which names the awaiting punishment. Then six cards are dealt facedown on the table. Each player randomly selects a card, and the one with the skull card has to accept the punishment. It's that simple. Oh, there's also the fact that this all takes place in a "library", so the players have to be as silent as possible. It's kind of awesome.
  • In related library news, check this out. This video has the dubious distinction of showing possibly the worst news report ever, as well as being simply a gross story. People, man...people.
  • The first Wednesday of every month, we have a division wide meeting at 8:30 in the morning. The executive directors decided to start providing breakfast every time we do, which is a nice touch. Last month it was just pastries and juice. This time it was the full deal - eggs, bacon, hash browns, coffee and juice. The day before, my executive director sent around an email reminding us to be here on time Wednesday morning, because we were going to get a "hot breakfast!" When I read that, I immediately thought, "A sexy breakfast?!" Clearly, I've been reading too much Dinosaur Comics.
  • Many thanks to all of you who read and commented on the story in the last post. After reading all the comments from here as well as a forum on which I posted it for additional feedback, it looks like Ending B is the clear winner. I will either edit the original post to show the final version, or repost once I find out the results of the contest. Actually, yeah, I'll do the second one. But again, thank you for your comments. They truly helped.
  • Something for you to ponder: What is it with people in an office environment and popcorn?
  • Game 1 of the NBA finals starts tonight. Support your Mavs!
  • And finally, a little eye candy to close it out: Jenny Lewis, bitches.


Blogger The Monkey Attack Victim said...

I suck because I meant to comment on the story...I really liked it.

And the popcorn thing is weird. I guess people are drawn to it because it is a nice finger type food. A microwavable meal that is quite tasty. But popcorn is problematic. At the best, it is so unstealthy. Everyone in the office and several nearby offices know you are eating puffed air as a meal. At the worst, there is a cooking time mishap leading to the permeating burnt popcorn smell. So awful. I thought I was going to have to quit a job once due to a BPS.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous YayCoffee said...

I also suck for not commenting on your story until this morning when Blogger decided to be a gian BITCH and not let me comment. We had WORDS, blogger and I. I did finally get to leave my two cents a few minutes ago, though.

Dude. Everwood rules. I will miss it a whol friggin' lot.

Best of luck on Phase I. I do not envy your journy over the next few weeks, but it WILL get better.

1:06 AM  
Blogger hello jamie: said...

I don't think B is the CLEAR winner. I just counted 4 votes for the first, 3 for the second, and 1 for the last. What kind of math is this?

Jenny Lewis is hot. That belt is NOT.

8:47 AM  
Blogger The Bagboy said...

If I may, I'd like to quote from what I wrote regarding the ending choice. I'll add special emphasis to make my point. Ahem. "After reading all the comments from here as well as a forum on which I posted it for additional feedback, it looks like Ending B is the clear winner." So yes, you added correctly strictly from the comments here. But with the additional votes from the forum (two for B, two for D), that makes the total:

A - 4
B - 5
C - 0
D - 3

May not be a wide margin, but c'mon...are you really going to parse words with me on my own blog?

In other news...suck it.

11:41 AM  
Blogger The Bagboy said...

Oh, and that belt IS hot, simply by virtue of the fact that it's around her waist.

11:41 AM  
Blogger J.T. said...

Not to be confused with Jenna Lewis - of Survivor, and that sex tape fame.

I heard... anyway. I mean, that's what they tell me.

1:33 PM  
Blogger The Bagboy said...

I've seen that sex tape. It's pretty hot for about 2 minutes, then it's about 15-20 more (really boring) minutes of grunting and cursing.

Much like my last date. OH!! I'll be here all week.

1:31 PM  

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