Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Whole lotta linkin' goin' on!

I'm trying to be more regular about posting (thanks a lot, Babs). However, I have no new witty musings, no rants about the psychopathic nature of...uh...nature, and no wacky polls or quizzes describing my innermost self via characters from My Mother the Car. And so, in order to keep the flow flowing free-flow style, I present to you - in beautiful Technicolor and Roto-Scope - links!

1) This artist appears to have infiltrated my mind, stolen my most glorious daydreams, and garnered fame and love from it. So THAT explains why I continue to labour in complete obscurity.

2) This could, quite possibly, be the coolest commercial EVER. And it's for a TV, so you KNOW I love it.

3) Despite the fact that this fake drink is so mind-numbingly disgusting as to be incomprehensible, if you told the Dallas elite it was real, they'd be lined up six deep to buy multiple shots of it and drink it out of sorority girls' navels. Bastards.

Next time on My Hurricane Head: Why the Rich/Poor Wars of 2025 will be awesome and horrific, but not nearly so much as the Human/Robot Wars of 2046. Plus, monkeys smoking cigarettes! (Yes, I know it's technically an ape and not a monkey, but who's interested in "apes smoking cigarettes"? Self-righteous bastards, that's who.)


Blogger The Monkey Attack Victim said...

Re: #2

That is a very cool commercial. Is that real? I mean, obviously, it is real, I wanted it. I mean, are the balls real or computer generated. The desciption on the site makes it seem that they are. Can you imagine the clean up after the shoot? Looking for all those little bouncy balls?

3:32 PM  

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