Thursday, June 23, 2005


I figured it's been a while since I did a good old-fashioned link round-up. So without further ado, away we go!

First up is a terrific piece of French animation which cleverly demonstrates the Butterfly Effect (and no, I don't mean the crappy Ashton Kutcher movie): Le Building (Brief animated nudity and violence)

Want to see how far we are from the nearest star? Want a guided tour of our little section of the neighborhood? Like to play with cool Flash based astronomy tools? Then this one's for you: Planet Quest 3D New Worlds Atlas

Really, who didn't see it coming? Tom Cruise writes a letter to Satan

And finally, the robot revolution is beginning. I advise seeking shelter immediately in any local government facilities with fall-out shelters. Of course, you might have some time to plan, since the robots are still just predicting the weather. (This could very well give you nightmares. I felt the last tattered shreds of my innocence slip away watching this seemingly innocuous weather report.)


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