Friday, October 28, 2005

Winging my way to Californ-i-a!

Aight fools, I'm away to sunny San Diego, for good free food, beautiful locales, the delicious smell of salt water, and maybe a little work if there's time. Maybe while there I'll meet a rockin' indie hipster:

Or a hot but shallow girl that I can woo with my wit and charm:

Hopeful dreams, both. But my experience is really more likely to be along the lines of this:

So until next time kids, have a lovely and safe Halloween (don't eat Mrs. Magillicutty's caramel apples, and don't give in to Mr. Wallace's invitation to "see what I got in Reno.") Peace to the nations of Zulu and Islam!

Californiaaaaaaaaa, Californiaaaaaaaa, here I coooooooooome!


Anonymous jamie said...

Winging my way to the West Coast, myself. *waves south from San Jose*

la la la la la la la la

4:05 PM  

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