Sunday, August 29, 2004

Filling the time

Another weekend spent by myself. Seems to get a little easier with each passing week, which kind of scares me. But I guess it's a good thing, as no changes appear to be coming down the pipeline. After I pissed Jennifer off, and pretty seriously I might add, something felt final. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

What I'm amazed at is my ability to fill the time, even if it's simply with watching TV. And aye, a lot of that's been done. Today I've spent a good portion of my time online, reading up on the latest ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) and finding instructions for getting started with this stupid SimCity 2000 I've had sitting around forever. I know, it's sort of an old game to be messing with, especially with the wealth of entertainment options available at my disposal. But it's just one of those things that sort of seemed to call out to me to mess with. So right now I'm waiting for the first tutorial from the manual to print out, so I can refresh my memory on how to play the stupid game. At least tonight there's a new episode of Six Feet Under waiting for me, new episodes on Adult Swim, and tomorrow I'll get another movie from Netflix. Thank God for modern conveniances; otherwise I might go mad all by myself. Anyway, the manual's done now, so I guess that's all I have to write for the time being. Does this excitement never end?


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