Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Guerilla Comedy

If you've spent any time at all on teh intrawebs, you've heard of one guerilla comedy troupe or another. Maybe it's the Surveillance Camera Players, who perform short plays in front guessed cameras, both for comedy value and protest value. Or perhaps it's Improv Everywhere, whose most recent performance was putting a "bathroom attendant" in the Times Square McDonald's. Hilarity, wackiness, tomfoolery, and good bathroom hygiene ensue.

But taking things one step farther on the creative scale is Prangstgrüp. They did one of those anti-Bush ads for (featured on the site). But mostly they do true guerilla comedy. The two stand-out performances (that I've seen so far; haven't had time to work through the whole site yet) are Reading on a Dream: A Library Musical, and Reach! A Lecture Musical. The gist is that the performers enter a public, university related setting, and perform a "spontaneous" musical. Hilarity, wackiness, balderdash and dancing ensue. There is a noticable lack of leg warmers.

On a side note, breakdance for Jesus, ya'll! Also, taking candy from a baby, TO THE EXTREME!! Also? Barbie pulls a Britney Spears.


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